Internal Doors UK: What You May or May Not Know About Doors

internal doorsThe dictionary defines doors as a movable barrier used to open and close the entrance to a building, room, closet, or vehicle, usually a solid panel, hinged to or sliding in a frame. They’re everywhere we go and there’s no denying how important a role they play not just in real estate but even in transportation, storage and organization and more. But even things as simple as it can still surprise us. Check out the following list of trivia that the team at Internal Doors UK compiled for us.

The oldest door ever found is believed to be 5,100 years old around 3063 BC, the same time construction of the Stonehenge began. Archaeologists have excavated the Neolithic wooden artifact at the site of a planned car park in Zurich, Switzerland and used its tree rings to determine its age.

The world’s largest doors take 45 minutes to open or close and are each about 456 feet in height. These four doors are huge enough to allow space shuttles entrance and exit. They are located at the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Many Irish doors come in a multitude of bright colors which earned them the moniker “Doors of Dublin”. But what may seem like a happy choice and what eventually transformed the small town into a bonafide tourist destination was actually an act of defiance and rebellion. The story goes that the Irish were ordered to paint their doors black after the death of the late Queen Victoria. Obviously, they didn’t and instead did the opposite.

There exists a god of doors in Roman mythology. Janus is the god of beginnings, endings, and transitions. This likewise makes him the god of doors, gates, doorways, and passages.

Outhouses often come with holes on their doors but why? There are many theories behind this. The first is that it was sued to differentiate men’s (star) from women’s (crescent). The second is because the crescent shape allows for easy grip and takes away the need for some latching. Lastly, they were meant to let light from a lantern shine out at night and signal to people that the outhouse is occupied.

Red doors mean many things. According to Internal Doors UK, this symbolizes Passover to the Jews, a safe home that welcomes travelers in America, good luck for the Chinese and a paid mortgage in Scotland.