Internal Doors UK: Update on a Budget

painting doorYou see, doors are more than just a functional fixture in your space. They can be just as pretty as they are useful. But this does not mean that we need to shell a lot of cash just to make them visually pleasing. There are ways on how you can update them even on a budget. Don’t believe us? We’ve teamed up with internal doors UK manufacturers, distributors and designers to create this list for you.

  1. Classic Paint Job

A can of paint is definitely cheap and anyone can work with a paintbrush or some rollers. Yes, even for someone without experience in home projects. A fresh coat can easily spice things up. It makes the doors look fresh and new.

  1. Or Not

One need not simply recoat the fixture with the same hue or finish. We can play it up with a bolder and interesting choice. Ever heard of color blocking walls? You can do the same with your doors. Use some patterns or a stencil if you want.

  1. Wallpaper

If you want a more elaborate design but cannot afford a commissioned artist or cannot do it yourself then wallpaper becomes your next best bet. They come in many designs, patterns and options. It’s essentially difficult to run out of choices here. Did you know that you can also use fabric instead of paper for the same effect? Yes you can and installation is quite similar too.

  1. Stain the Grain

If you happen to be working with wooden internal doors then you might want to skip the paint and wallpaper especially if you’re going for a more industrial or rustic vibe. To make the natural grain of the wood pop, sand down it down to remove any paint or previous finishes or to simply smoothen out the surface. Use a stain of your choice and apply as instructed on the label. Enjoy!

  1. Hardware Bonanza

You see, it’s all in the details. What can really set your internal doors UK apart and for much less is by simply changing up the hardware (e.g. knobs, locks, bolts). Oftentimes, people go for what’s already there or they don’t put as much thought into these but trust us when we say that a functional and pretty knob can change the game in a snap. Besides, why stay blah when you can go bam?