Internal Doors UK: Update on a Budget

painting doorYou see, doors are more than just a functional fixture in your space. They can be just as pretty as they are useful. But this does not mean that we need to shell a lot of cash just to make them visually pleasing. There are ways on how you can update them even on a budget. Don’t believe us? We’ve teamed up with internal doors UK manufacturers, distributors and designers to create this list for you.

  1. Classic Paint Job

A can of paint is definitely cheap and anyone can work with a paintbrush or some rollers. Yes, even for someone without experience in home projects. A fresh coat can easily spice things up. It makes the doors look fresh and new.

  1. Or Not

One need not simply recoat the fixture with the same hue or finish. We can play it up with a bolder and interesting choice. Ever heard of color blocking walls? You can do the same with your doors. Use some patterns or a stencil if you want.

  1. Wallpaper

If you want a more elaborate design but cannot afford a commissioned artist or cannot do it yourself then wallpaper becomes your next best bet. They come in many designs, patterns and options. It’s essentially difficult to run out of choices here. Did you know that you can also use fabric instead of paper for the same effect? Yes you can and installation is quite similar too.

  1. Stain the Grain

If you happen to be working with wooden internal doors then you might want to skip the paint and wallpaper especially if you’re going for a more industrial or rustic vibe. To make the natural grain of the wood pop, sand down it down to remove any paint or previous finishes or to simply smoothen out the surface. Use a stain of your choice and apply as instructed on the label. Enjoy!

  1. Hardware Bonanza

You see, it’s all in the details. What can really set your internal doors UK apart and for much less is by simply changing up the hardware (e.g. knobs, locks, bolts). Oftentimes, people go for what’s already there or they don’t put as much thought into these but trust us when we say that a functional and pretty knob can change the game in a snap. Besides, why stay blah when you can go bam?

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Do’s and Don’ts When Shopping Internal Glass Doors UK

internal glass doorsWhile most people would be busy choosing paint color and buying furniture, professionals like to remind everyone that fixtures are an integral part of any space too. This is why shopping internal glass doors UK is a task that we’re all bound to take when moving into, building, or renovating any piece of real estate on the British islands. Well technically in any part of the world to be exact.

But for people whose line of work isn’t in the industry of interior design, architecture or real estate, the task can be daunting if not downright confusing. If that’s you, no need to panic. We’re here to help you out with the following list of do’s and don’ts.

Do analyze your space. It is important to first identify what your space needs. Not only are there many options in the market but each one can answer to a specific need, for instance effectivity despite tight spaces or a need for more privacy or a great view of the outdoors or a means to combine rooms easily or wheelchair accessibility and so on and so forth. We all buy doors for reasons other than simply to close off or open a room.

Don’t be afraid to ask. If you know absolutely nothing about doors, let alone buying or installing them, it’s okay to ask someone who does. Research helps too and if you’re reading this then you are on the right track.

Do know your options. There are many types of doors and each one can further be tweaked with a variation in finishes, colors, materials, hardware and accessory. So make sure to canvass and know what’s available so you don’t regret putting in a door when there would have been a better option.

Don’t forget about hardware. Things like knobs, locks, handles, bolts, eye holes and more should also be considered. Know what your space needs and which of these will be effective for the room.

Do stay within budget. They’re not essentially cheap or crazy expensive but internal doors are still an investment. Since building or renovating spaces use up significant resources and the fact that structures need them in multiple numbers, you need to be conscious with spending and prices.

Don’t think boring. Forgetting to add personality isn’t part of the plan. Internal doors UK need not be bland and meh so go ahead and choose among the various designs, colors and finishes.

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Internal Doors UK: What You May or May Not Know About Doors

internal doorsThe dictionary defines doors as a movable barrier used to open and close the entrance to a building, room, closet, or vehicle, usually a solid panel, hinged to or sliding in a frame. They’re everywhere we go and there’s no denying how important a role they play not just in real estate but even in transportation, storage and organization and more. But even things as simple as it can still surprise us. Check out the following list of trivia that the team at Internal Doors UK compiled for us.

The oldest door ever found is believed to be 5,100 years old around 3063 BC, the same time construction of the Stonehenge began. Archaeologists have excavated the Neolithic wooden artifact at the site of a planned car park in Zurich, Switzerland and used its tree rings to determine its age.

The world’s largest doors take 45 minutes to open or close and are each about 456 feet in height. These four doors are huge enough to allow space shuttles entrance and exit. They are located at the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Many Irish doors come in a multitude of bright colors which earned them the moniker “Doors of Dublin”. But what may seem like a happy choice and what eventually transformed the small town into a bonafide tourist destination was actually an act of defiance and rebellion. The story goes that the Irish were ordered to paint their doors black after the death of the late Queen Victoria. Obviously, they didn’t and instead did the opposite.

There exists a god of doors in Roman mythology. Janus is the god of beginnings, endings, and transitions. This likewise makes him the god of doors, gates, doorways, and passages.

Outhouses often come with holes on their doors but why? There are many theories behind this. The first is that it was sued to differentiate men’s (star) from women’s (crescent). The second is because the crescent shape allows for easy grip and takes away the need for some latching. Lastly, they were meant to let light from a lantern shine out at night and signal to people that the outhouse is occupied.

Red doors mean many things. According to Internal Doors UK, this symbolizes Passover to the Jews, a safe home that welcomes travelers in America, good luck for the Chinese and a paid mortgage in Scotland.

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The Biggest Misconceptions About Glass Doors

glass-doorsGlass doors have risen in popularity in this millennium and for good reason. They’re sleek, can easily integrate into any space, allow so much natural light, help create the illusion of bigger rooms, do not rust or corrode and are easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

But you know what they say, even the greats are riddled with myths and misconceptions that dim their brightness and glass doors are no different. So today we’ll bust these misconceptions out so we’re only left with the facts.

Myth # 1: “They’re a safety hazard.”

For many, glass is dangerous. They’re fragile and breakable and are therefore something that is not generally safe for homes even offices. This was the case some decades ago where the technology was not available yet. Today’s modern advancements however have given rise to durable types of glass that have been reinforced so they do not easily break even with a heavy blow. And should an accident happen, they would merely crack and remain intact instead of shatter into a million pieces.

Myth # 2: “They reduce privacy.”

Glass doors come in many options with some allowing for semi or full privacy. They can be clear, tinted, frosted, or sanded depending on one’s tastes and preferences. A combination of these may also be used which is often observed in work spaces where the upper half is clear and the bottom half is frosted.

Myth # 3: “They have poor insulation.”

Reinforced glass and today’s advanced insulation techniques has allowed manufacturers to develop glass doors that can maintain the desired level of temperature and insulation to any room without having to raise one’s utility costs. This idea may have been applicable in the early days but not in this century.

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Myth # 4: “They’re hard to maintain.”

Compared to other options in the market, they are very easy to maintain and can be made squeaky clean with just a damp cloth and a spray bottle. No need to sand them down to smooth tem out. No repainting or re-staining needed too. Plus, they do not corrode or get discolored even when exposed to various elements.

Myth # 5: “They’re expensive.”

A good quality door does not come cheap. Quality never has anyway regardless of type, size and value. Reasonably priced? Well yes but never cheap and such applies to glass doors as well.

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Internal Doors UK: What Are the Options?

internal doors ukMost people are likely to give emphasis on their entryway and therefore the front door. That’s completely logical considering it keeps people in (and out) and is what sets the exterior feel of any property. It’s what people see first after all. But this does not mean that we can just discount the importance of choosing internal doors UK. They’re a critical decision just the same.

As the name suggests, these doors are found within the property instead of alongside its exterior walls. There are many options to choose from depending on one’s budget, needs and preferences. Today, let’s get to know each one with the help of the following list.

PANEL DOORS – Characterized by a classic pattern of square panels, they are often made from wood sheets, often timber, set into a frame structure or by fixing pressed hardboard sheets onto the frame of the door itself. This type is the most popular of all and are common to most properties.

SLIDING DOORS – This type is great and often visible in smaller spaces because they don’t require as much room to open and close as they only slide along the wall. They can be made of just about any material from glass to wood to mirrors or a combination of these.

POCKET DOORS – Like the previous type, this option is space-saving, however, they instead slide into the wall rather than along the side of it. Pocket internal doors can come with either one or two wings.

FLUSH DOORS – Considered a contemporary type, this option provides a simpler and minimalist appeal with its flat surface on both sides. They are available pre-finished or ready for staining or painting. Most of these are made of either solid wood or a hollow format, the latter more lightweight in comparison and is comprised of two layers of thin timber separated oftentimes by a lightweight card honeycomb core.

GLASS DOORS – Likewise a contemporary and minimalist option, glass doors are great as they allow natural light to come in. Additionally, they allow for visual continuity instead of cutting through spaces so rooms appear bigger and brighter. For more privacy with the aforementioned benefits, sandblasted and frosted options are available.

FRENCH DOORS – Another one of the classic internal doors, this is characterized by a frame with one or more glass panels. These panels can be clear, frosted, tinted or in mosaic form. If we think about it, they would seem like the lovechild of panel and glass doors, incorporating both of their benefits.

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